The limited partnership Meisel (Chisel) has been active since 1991 and has specialized from the start on the production of artistic and applied ironwork. All our products are created as customized orders on the basis of original designs (sketches).

I myself started to learn the trade in 1985 in the smithy of the Tallinn Art Factory ARS. My attitude towards smithery as well as my understanding of wrought iron have been shaped by the skills and experience acquired during the apprenticeship under the top-of-their-league experts there.

One of my teachers then was the well known metalworker Ülo Sepp. Several of the works of Meisel have been made according to his sketches/designs and under his supervision.

Having contacts with colleagues from several other countries, I have had the opportunity to attend various international events and seminars. Those visits have convinced me that regardless of the exorbitant development of technique and technology, beautiful handicraft is still very much valued everywhere!

With best regards,

Eerik Kõuts
Company Manager